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Trionyx Insurance is dedicated to matching your needs to the most affordable and comprehensive coverage’s available on the market today. Please feel free to call and speak to one of our knowledgeable agents to discuss your insurance needs, concerns, or goals at your earliest convenience.

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Insure Your Passions With Personal Coverage

Along with protection against damaged or stolen vehicles, liability and injury to yourself and others, other policy features include medical payment reimbursement and reimbursement for injury caused to you by an uninsured or inadequately insured drivers. Custom policies can include audio equipment, business use of your auto and guest drivers, towing and more.
A Florida homeowner insurance policy is really a package of many insurance coverages. The most obvious is the policy to cover your home itself – the dwelling structure. But not all home insurance policies are created equal, especially here in Florida. Home insurance policies also include coverage for your personal property – a wide range of items including clothing, food, art, electronics and more.
A renters policy covers all most of your personal property in your apartment, and in some cases, out of your rental unit. The insurance extends to your home’s contents and liability for damage to property of others or injury caused to someone by you or a family member. Your policy can be personalized to include greater levels of protection for important property, home office situations, and even liability for boat ownership.

Umbrella Insurance policies protect you from liability issues that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies, such as your homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, etc. This policy literally puts you under its umbrella so that when you exceed the liability coverage limits on an insurance line, you will still be protected.


Most liability coverage that rests within your current insurance policies only covers bodily injury and property damage to others. Umbrella policies will extend those limits to not only provide additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage, but also to cover things that are not listed under regular liability allowances. Every policy is different, so what is considered a covered liability issue under one insurance line may not be covered on another insurance line. Umbrella Insurance kicks in when these situations present themselves and/or you exceed the amount of liability coverage for the events that are already allowed under your regular insurance policies.

Flood insurance from private companies is supplemental to homeowners insurance and is priced according to the location of the home. Coverage includes expenses to pay for the home and its contents or home repairs. Coverage might be a pre-set amount, which remains firm should the actual costs exceed the projected sum needed to pay for the damages. Rebuilding costs should include structural and property upgrades to fall in line with current floodplain and building codes.
Motorcycle insurance coverage for most bikes, including cruisers, touring, dirt, sport, moped, ATVs, high-performance bikes and scooters, even custom bikes and bikes more than 25 years old. We provide coverage for your specific needs, with policy options you want.
Our watercraft insurance plans can provide you with coverage against many different types of loss. We offer medical coverage that can cover your eligible medical expenses if you get hurt when on the water. Physical Damage coverage is typically designed to take care of your boat, motor, and trailer. Our agents will help you determine the right amount of physical damage coverage for each boat on your policy. Liability Coverage: You can choose a lot of liability coverage or a little – it’s up to you. We’ll show you what coverage and limits may be available, and how to get the maximum personalized protection you need.

We insure all kinds of recreational vehicles for outdoor travel enthusiasts. We have the right insurance for you, no matter whether your RV be a motor home, fifth wheel trailer or just a small camper van. We can get you a comparative quote for important insurance coverage like liability insurance, physical damage coverage, comprehensive coverage and emergency expenses.

There are many types of off-road vehicles including ATV’s, dirt bikes, dune buggies, golf carts, tractors, backhoes, etc. Each off-road vehicle is exposed to unique risks that threaten to damage your vehicle. Protect your investment before your next adventure!
Dwelling Fire Insurance coverage can protect your rental property from fire damage and yourself from legal and personal liability. With Dwelling Fire Insurance you can rent your property out with confidence.

Purchasing Florida life insurance is something that should be done with careful consideration and with the help of a qualified professional. We will help you find the best coverage for your needs; so that your family isn’t left with a financial burden should you pass away unexpectedly. Life insurance is an essential part of any financial program. A variety of policies and limits can be used to pay off a mortgage, cover future education expenses, and fund a business buy-sell agreement and more. The type of policy and limits you need will depend on your financial goals.

Health insurance can protect you from the costs of medicals bills, whether you visit the doctor for a check-up, need a prescription, or have an extended hospital stay. You do not want you or a family member to be caught in a situation where you need medical attention and cannot afford it. Whether you need an emergency surgical procedure or specialist care, you need a health insurance policy in order to pay for medical expenses.

Insure Your Business With Commercial Coverage

Commercial Property Insurance provides protection from loss, due to a variety of perils, to all kinds of business property including: building structures, furniture, inventory, equipment, and supplies, money and securities and business records. If you have a larger or more complex business you may need the flexibility of insuring your business property through a Commercial Property Policy.
There are several kinds of commercial liability insurance, including the liability coverage that accompanies a commercial auto insurance policy, commercial umbrella insurance and professional liability insurance. But the foundation for many businesses is a Commercial General Liability policy, which provides protection – whether claims are real or fraudulent for the type of lawsuits mentioned above as well as product liability.
Also known as Umbrella Insurance, this coverage is designed to protect your business from catastrophic losses and circumstances. Your business may have adequate general and commercial insurance, but, unfortunately, it may not be enough. There are times when litigation may exceed your coverage allowances and you may be held accountable for paying the financial excess. In fact, you may not even have the coverage you need in place to protect you from an unusual circumstance.

Florida commercial auto insurance is necessary to cover all company vehicles including autos, trucks, and delivery vans against liability and physical damage risks. Whether your company owns one car or an entire fleet, you need to ensure that you are covered in order to minimize any potential loss.

What type of policy and how much coverage your business requires is typically dependent on the type of driving your employees do. Our dedicated, expert insurance specialists will sit down with you and explain your commercial auto options; helping you to customize a plan that fits your exact requirements.

In Florida, employers with four or more full or part-time employees must provide Florida workers compensation to their workers. Without the appropriate workers compensation insurance analysis, you risk incurring fines or even criminal charges. You need to understand your rights and those of your employees if they are injured or become ill while on the job. The Florida workers compensation system allows covered workers to be compensated for work-related injuries or illnesses.

Bonds are often required as part of construction or other job contract requirements. Having an insurance company who understands bonds, such as permit bonds, bid bonds and performance bonds – and can find you the lowest rates – allows you to expand your scope of work and grow your business.

Trionyx Insurance specializes in providing both large and small businesses with the following bonds:

  • Performance – to guarantee the performance of contractually agreed upon work
  • Bid – guarantees the beginning of work following the winning of a bid
  • Indemnity – guarantees any losses should a party fail to meet deadlines
  • Payment – promises payment to all sub-contractors and vendors
  • License – a bond guaranteed to a state or federal agency
Restaurant Insurance is intended to protect food service businesses like restaurants, hotels, and even bed and breakfasts, from liability damages in such cases. Any establishment serving alcoholic beverages is exposed to lawsuits charging that liquor was served to an intoxicated person who may later have been involved in an accident.
Employee Practices Liability insurance will provide protection for an employer from claims made by employees, former employees, or even potential employees. This coverage will also include high-ranking officials in your firm including directors and officers.
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